Is it cheating if my girlfriend doesn’t know?

My answer: If your girlfriend cheated on you and you didn’t know would you think it was cheating? Just because someone doesn’t know that they are being cheated on doesn’t make it right and it would be considered cheating. What you gone do if the person you cheating with has an unknown std and you give it to your girlfriend? If I were you I’ll stop while I’m ahead…

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What does it mean when my ex-girlfriend gets engaged 6 months after break up?

My answer: Okay look, if a woman moves on and gets engaged with in six months could mean multiple things, either she has always had someone on the side, she just don’t know what it means to be alone, or she just didn’t really have feelings for you. You shouldn’t really punish your self for her actions, just do what makes you happy and forget about her

Coming back

My dear readers and followers I do apologize about my absence I’ve started a new job and I’m starting my own photography gig, but I am back with the advice column and poems. I’m open for any questions or if you have anything you would like for me to write about.

Thank you and I am open for opinions.

I Wanna Be

There’s a lot of things in the world that I could be,

And there’s a lot of things that equal up to what I wanna be.

I wanna be your everything;

The light that brightens your day,

the thing that always gets in your way.

The sparkle in your eye,

The sweet things that make you cry.

I wanna be the smile on your face you get when your glad,

the silence you have when you are sad.

The hand you grab when you walk down the hall,

the person to catch you when you fall.

Baby I wanna be the one you come home to and kiss good night,

the one who don’t cause a big fight.

I wanna be it all

and all for you i wanna be.

If You Love Me

I am in love my tongue won’t lie,

I am a non-firm believer, that love makes you blind.

Not dumb, not crazy, but you will compromise.

I’ll do anything in this world to make sure we rise.

Never said you had to love me, but I love you,

I just ask one thing and that’s for you to be true.

But if you love me please don’t be shy,

I’ll make your happy as each day goes by.

Let me be the man I am for you,

Let me be the one who makes your dreams come true.

If you love me please understand,

That you’re my woman and I’m your man.