I Wanna Be

There’s a lot of things in the world that I could be,

And there’s a lot of things that equal up to what I wanna be.

I wanna be your everything;

The light that brightens your day,

the thing that always gets in your way.

The sparkle in your eye,

The sweet things that make you cry.

I wanna be the smile on your face you get when your glad,

the silence you have when you are sad.

The hand you grab when you walk down the hall,

the person to catch you when you fall.

Baby I wanna be the one you come home to and kiss good night,

the one who don’t cause a big fight.

I wanna be it all

and all for you i wanna be.

If You Love Me

I am in love my tongue won’t lie,

I am a non-firm believer, that love makes you blind.

Not dumb, not crazy, but you will compromise.

I’ll do anything in this world to make sure we rise.

Never said you had to love me, but I love you,

I just ask one thing and that’s for you to be true.

But if you love me please don’t be shy,

I’ll make your happy as each day goes by.

Let me be the man I am for you,

Let me be the one who makes your dreams come true.

If you love me please understand,

That you’re my woman and I’m your man.

I’m sorry everyone I haven’t been on here, my goal is to blog every Monday and Wednesday and sometimes Friday. Be on the look out for tomorrow(:

My boyfriend doesn’t like kissing me anymore?


We used to kiss and make out all the time. Now, he hardly does it. It’s like I have to beg him to give more than a peck. 

I recently brought the issue up to him, and he told me that he’s just gotten so comfortable with me that he can be happy around me without having to kiss me. I had told him if there’s something wrong with me, he needs to tell me and I want to know. Still, he continued repeating himself. He apologized, but I feel like his reasoning doesn’t make sense to me. Every time I look at him, I want to kiss him over and over again, but it just feels like he doesn’t share that same passion and interest in me that I do for him. 

Am I overreacting? Is it too much to expect my boyfriend to want to kiss me all the time? Am I overthinking? We have been together for almost a year. I’m always the one reaching for him and starting kisses, but I recently stopped to see if he would take initiative. Disappointingly, he didn’t, and all I got were a couple pecks during the day.

My Response:

Kissing is one of the most intimate things in a relationship besides sex. If your boyfriend don’t want to kiss your anymore or don’t like it, then he might not be that into you anymore or he has his eye on someone else. My fiance and i have been together and he kisses me every time his eyes touches my face. You have to find out whats wrong. Comfortably doesn’t matter in a relationship a man should always love you and keep doing what it was he did to get you.

I’m Pretty but can’t get guys!


So a lot of people say I’m pretty (I think I’m attractive but I’m not full of myself), but all the guys that approach me are awkward and shy and the guys I like don’t like me back. A lot of the other guys that approach me are players/f-boys, or they don’t initiate things. I’m a junior in high school and I haven’t had a boyfriend for this reason, regardless of people saying I “should model”. Why am I attracting the nerdy shy kids? It’s not superficial, they just can’t carry a conversation with me. 

A lot of people admit I have a RBF which is intimidating but come on. It’s so frustrating,

My response: 

Sweetie with reading what you stated about there are nerdy guys that like you and the guys you like don’t like you back. I’m going to tell you from experience and with growing up. Having a boyfriend is not about what you are attractive to, but how the guy treats you. I didn’t have the right boyfriend until I graduated high school and started doing my own thing. Maybe you should give the “nerdy” guys a chance and who knows you might actually fall in love.